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Driving lessons in schools and colleges

The under 17 scheme is for students who are too young to hold a driving licence, but if you are 11 to 17 years old and a minimum height of 4 feet 11 inches or 1.5 metres tall and medically fit to drive then why not start taking lessons.

The reasons for teaching 11 plus is to equip young people with life skills for safe driving. Young adults are killed every day on are roads because of their lack of understanding and skills with a combination of peer pressure which causes them to get in to serious collisions with vehicles or pedestrians. This scheme prepares under 17 to develop their understanding of the potential dangers on the road and how to deal with hazards.

Road traffic crashes are the number one biggest killer worldwide to young people and one in five newly qualified drivers and their passenger of all road death in the UK. Statistic shows that in the first six month a newly qualified teenager who have just pass their driving test will have a serious crash. It has been proven in other country that taking lessons from an early age can help to educate young people and reduce collisions.

Driving lessons can be fun and exciting, and some people arrange birthday party and special events, but we still manage to add road safety in to their syllabus.

The parents or guardians role in safe driving

The teacher will give advice and provide structure to help parents teach their children to drive. Parents will be encouraged to use the instructors at Trafik School of Motoring as a collective resource for any questions or concerns regarding their children and driving. By the end of this session, the instructor and the parents will become partners in achieving the common goal of teaching the students to become responsible drivers

We will deliver a free presentation and a driving lesson for under 17 yr in school play grounds or on private land subject to availability.

We give classroom lessons and driving lesson in schools and colleges to young adults. on the road if you are 17 and have a, or if you are under 17 we can deliver driving lesson on private land and playgrounds in schools or colleges covering the learning syllabus..

The syllabus

-The theory questions
-The hazard perception
-Attitude and Behavior
-Alcohol and drugs
-Before you start the engine
-The car controls
-Other controls
-Moving off and Stopping
-Using the mirrors
-Giving signals
-Acting on signs and signals
-Controlling your speed
-Making progress
-The emergency stop
-Reversing around a corner
-Reverse, and Parallel parking
-Turning in road
-Awareness and anticipation
-Independent driving
-Driver and the Law

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